Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mission Accomplished

Walking in the park last fall
We bought our house two years ago and love our new neighborhood. One of the main reasons we were interested in this neighborhood was because it's located next to a huge park and lake. We've enjoyed hiking and boating there for years, so being able to walk right in was irresistible.
I've always wanted to walk to the nature center in the park, but it's about two miles along the hilly trails and I could never talk my husband into going with me. So I stuck to the paths and trails I knew.
It was 80 degrees today and ridiculously nice out, so I tucked the Little Mister into his stroller, grabbed a bottle of water and an applesauce pouch (really? I eat applesauce pouches now?) and started walking. 45 minutes later, we were at the nature center!
Little Mister woke up as we arrived and we played. He wanted to eat, so I nursed him - with a great view of the lake and it was just fantastic. So relaxing.
I always imagined walking there with him when I was pregnant. Even if they are little dreams, it's really amazing when they come true.

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