Tuesday, June 25, 2013


No real reason for this picture,
but I think it's adorable.
I don't think anyone would be terribly surprised if a new mom thought she had time to blog and then got carried away by life.
But things are getting easier again. We sleep trained. Little Mister's first tooth broke through today (on his 7 month birthday!). I've mostly figured out how to get the baby to bed, make dinner and eat again.
Of course, Little Mister is this close to crawling and being mobile so everything is about to change in a big way again. I'm supposed to get used to that, right?
I've figured out a few things in the past few weeks and have even more questions about new things. I used to be pretty resistant to change, but I'm getting better at going with the flow these days. Just another change to get used to!

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