Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sleeping through the Night

Little Mister when he was 
one month old and would sleep
through anything all day long. 
I miss those days.
Despite going to the doctor about 20 times during a pregnancy and reading every book on the market, it seems like there are a few things they forget to mention to new parents. The most important one to us right now is that sleeping through the night for an infant actually means just about five hours of uninterrupted sleep. Little Mister falls asleep around 7:30 pm. That means he's accomplished sleeping through the night by around 1:00 am.
We're lucky. Our baby is a pretty good sleeper. He sleeps through the night, but he does not sleep all night long.
At four months old, our doctor said it's in the best interest of both of us to bring his night feedings to an end. Her advice was to let him cry for about 15 minutes when he would usually wake to eat. She thought two or three nights of that would do the trick.
Apparently Little Mister wasn't listening to her. If he cries for more than a few minutes he becomes wide awake and will stay that way for at least an hour. If I feed him, he's up for about ten minutes and then we're both back to sleep. I'm having a hard time accepting that being up for at least an hour longer by not feeding him is better than ten minutes of peaceful nursing!
We tried it and we're just not cry it out parents at this point. We'll continue gradually trying to convince him that he's not hungry when he wakes, but he might be just as stubborn as his mama.
My sleep deprived mind is too tired to remember the other things that I thought someone should have told me about newborns.
Do you remember?

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