Monday, April 8, 2013

Letting Go

How I remember every conference.
I helped plan an annual conference for five years before I resigned this year. This year's conference is being held this week, so I've been trying to think about how it feels to let go of something you were involved with for so long.
I definitely still feel like part of it, but blissfully removed from the stress. It's hard to think about something you've worked hard on just continuing successfully without you. I always said that my contributions were not irreplaceable, but I guess I always wanted to be a little bit irreplaceable!
It's been a few months since I worked full time and I've almost put that role behind me. But I know I could step right back into it tomorrow and barely feel like I missed a beat.
I don't think that staying at home is always easy, even when it's what you really want. There are moments of joy and bliss and moments of tedium or boredom. I always try to remember that even when I worked in the office there were just as many tedious tasks! Less laundry at the office, but probably more tedium. It evens out.

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